Just imagine – if adults were treated like some of our children…

This really does get to the heart of the situation for children who are struggling to attend school. The education system refuses to treat them with compassion, understanding or humanity. Because they are children they are an inconvenience and a disruption and they are not allowed to struggle with mental health difficulties. Why is it so different once they become adults?

It Must Be Mum

I’m struggling at the moment at work.  Lots of stresses, both physical and mental have been building up over time.

I have never been a bounce out of bed person but I’m finding it harder and harder to get up in the morning and leave the house to go to work.  I noticed it started that I was leaving the house later and later and sitting in car at the car-park for longer each day before I can pull myself together and put my ‘work face’ on to do my job.

It all got too much recently at work and I broke down and cried.

They were so understanding, but I knew they would be.  I trust my supervisor.  She knows what I have been through battling the SEN system for my child.  They already knew I was under stress and had put in place flexitime so if we are…

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